parent + Child Consulting

At the Vail Relationship Institute, we believe relationships matter most. And this absolutely includes your relationship with your children!

What could be a greater (and more challenging) adventure than that of parenting?!


Attachment Based

From cradle to grave, we are wired to be in secure, safe and loving relationships. The first three years of life play a crucial role informing the foundation of how we feel in relationships. Our approach to parent coaching is based within deep knowledge and understanding about how to best create these loving bonds between parent + child. Because when we can trust our relationships, we can then thrive.

Our parenting program can:

  • Support families through challenges that may be experienced through childbirth, during postpartum, family crisis, or other events

  • Help parents connect to their children through education on temperament, developmental expectations, and brain development.

  • Provide individualized support through tough transitions.

  • Discover the most effective interventions for helping your child build trust + feel safe to create responsive relationships.

Focused on Strengths

Our incredible parent coach will seek to first discover what is going well in your family and with your child/children. We aren’t here to shame or judge. We truly want most to support, guide and educate you as parents. And this includes parents who are separated or divorced. Our task is to discover together what will work best for you and your family. Our approach is individualized because we understand each person is unique, let alone each family.

We currently work with families with children 0-6 years old.

What You Will Receive:

  • 20 minute intake call

  • 45 minute in-home observation with a 15 minute overview consultation with our parent coach

  • Parenting Strategy Outline

    • Summary of home visit

    • Detailed strategy plan of next steps, techniques and exercises (may or may not include suggested additional visits)


Why Seek a Parent Coach?

  • Behavior Challenges:

    • Defiance + Aggression

    • Biting, pushing, and other consistent behaviors that impact socializing

    • Not listening or not responsive to your instruction

  • Emotional Challenges:

    • Trouble regulating

    • Experience with tantrums or outbursts

    • Doesn’t talk about emotions

  • Situations:

    • Transitions through divorce

    • Life event

    • Grief + Loss

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