The Reading nook

The Reading Nook Is Right For Me If:

reading nook vail relationship institute
  • I read. And I really like reading.

  • I like engaging in interesting + open conversations.

  • I can keep an open mind to ideas that are different than mine.

  • I can commit to reading + participating.

  • I enjoy giving back.

  • I show up when I say I will.

  • I want to connect with new amazing people.

DOes this describe you?
Then you must be awesome!

Brene Brown Series, March-July 2019

When: March 11th, April 8th, May 13th,
June 10th, July 8th; 530-7pm

Where: TBD, but somewhere in Eagle-Vail.
(we are currently on the hunt for a perfect cozy location! we have a few ideas in mind…)

What: The books we’re reading are

  • I Thought It Was Just Me

  • Gifts of Imperfection

  • Daring Greatly

  • Rising Strong

  • Braving the Wilderness

The Give Back: together we’ll commit to a local cause and develop a plan to give back. We’ll tie in what we’re learning through our reading, using it to better our community.
I told you, this is more than a typical “book club.”

The Meetings:

At each meeting, I’ll guide the group in exploring topics in the books + in experiential exercises to integrate the topics Brene discovers. We’ll swim into our shame stories, dive towards the edges of vulnerability, and experience what it means to really be courageous.

You will grow. You will expand. You will evolve.
Are you up for it?

Cost: just $30 per meeting (what?! that’s a steal!)
We want commitment so we are asking folks to register for the full 5 sessions. A central goal is to build connection so we need you to show up consistently. Let’s prove the nay-sayers wrong and show them the Vail Valley can commit!

NOTE: this isn’t a wine club. So, we’re keeping it sober. We will provide delicious teas, coffee, kombucha, and other beverages for pure enjoyment.

Sign on up!
By yourself, with your BF, your spouse, your child (18 yrs +), maybe your boss?

More questions? Shoot me a direct note at