The Vail Relationship Instituted is invested in creating healthy + secure relationships, beyond the therapy room. We provide training opportunities for clinicians and events open to the community that support our mission. 


Embracing Your Sensitive Superpower

When: January 26th, 1-5pm

Where: Mountain Soul Yoga in Edwards, CO

Why: To drop the baggage of sensitivity shame! And to come together in community to embrace our sensitive superpowers (heck yes!)

It’s hard living in a not so sensitive world. We think we need to toughen up, be less emotional, hide our hearts away. I say, NO WAY! The world needs our big hearts. We have so much to give! But it can be a hard journey. One where we too often feel alone, disconnected, and so misunderstood. My hope and intention is to build a space that will foster connection, growth and empowerment of sensitivity. 

Who NEEDS to sign up: Those who feel intensely and identify with being a Highly Sensitive Person (yes! It is a REAL scientific thing). Take a 5 min assessment here:


Mindful Couples Workshop

WHEN: February 16th, 2-530pm

WHERE: Mountain Soul Yoga. I love their big windows filled with mountain views!

WHY: Cultivating Deeper Connection Through Creating a More Mindful Relationship 

WHO: Couples who are committed to each other + their relationship. 


Love & Connection: The impact of substance use on relationships

A discussion with Jim Thomas from the Colorado Center of Emotionally Focused Therapy on the importance of connection when healing from the impacts of substance use/abuse. 

Backcountry Impact: Trauma, Loss, & Resilience

Brought to you by True Nature Healing Arts and Big Heart Big Hands. A diverse panel presenting first-hand perspectives on the impact of backcountry rescue missions. VRI's Jessica Heaney will be speaking on the panel for this event, providing insight into what trauma is and how it impacts individual and relationships. 


Book Me for your event!

Just ask my husband, I love to talk.

I love to talk about things that interest me, that happen to me, that I’m thinking about, or that I heard about. I really just love to talk it out!

And I believe I have some special messages to share with the world.

My favorite topic to explore are relationships. Why we need them. What makes them work. And how to make them stronger.
Because I believe, relationships matter most!

Topics I Often Talk About:

  • Connection: Why we need it and how to get it

  • Conflict + Gratitude: How conflict can strengthen your relationships

  • Fear + Love: A Tale of Best Friends

  • Backcountry Trauma: exploring the lasting impact of wilderness rescue

    • Great for Mountain Rescue Teams and organizations supporting them.

Events I Faciliate :

  • Mindful Couples Workshop

  • Highly Sensitive Person Workshop

  • Connection Workshop

Have another idea?
I would love to hear it! Send me a note and let’s create something incredible together!