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couples counsleing

Working with couples is our specialty. Not just another "thing" we do. 

Couples counseling is complex and dynamic. It is often referred to as the most challenging form of therapy.
Yet too many therapists proclaim they provide couples counseling when never receiving the deep training necessary to help distressed couples... 

Why our approach is different

At the Vail Relationship Institute, all clinicians are trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT provides the structure and approach that guides the work with we do. Even with individuals. But especially with our couples. With 20+ years of research to support its effectiveness, we believe in EFT's ability to deeply heal relationships. We don't waste time with our clients giving them "tools" or "skills" that may be helpful initially but fade over time. Through EFT, we get to the true core of distress and disconnection. So, at the end of our work, our couples feel change that lasts. 

We hear them say things like:

"We've never been so close. Not even when we were first married. I never thought that could be possible!"

"I'm a better parent because of this! It's changed all my relationships."

"I couldn't imagine we'd be where we are today. When we first came in, I was convinced this marriage was over. We're so close and connected now." 

On The Brink? Call us before you call it quits

The work we do is different. We hear it all the time. Couples who have tried other therapists continually tell us how different it feels to work with us. What we do is powerful, moving, and touches a deeper emotional place. It's also raw and challenging. But it works. We help our clients understand themselves and each other in a more meaningful way. And this is how we begin developing true connection to each other. 

We've reconnected couples facing the devastations of betrayal and infidelity. We've helped couples who have lost their passion, having become literal roommates. We've worked with couples who have even filed for divorce. 

Before calling it quits, call us. Especially if there's a even a small thread of hope remaining. 

Not in crisis, but noticing some disconnect? Reach out!

The sooner you address the patterns of disconnection in relationship, the BETTER! There is no need to continue drifting apart. And going to counseling DOES NOT mean your relationship is doomed. But we completely understand it can feel that way. It's risky to come talk to a stranger and to trust in us. But we hope you do! Because we want to help you have the best relationship you can. If you're committed and wanting more connection, schedule with us. If you're engaged, newly married please reach out. These are tough transitional times for a relationship. Even if you're dating but struggling, we are here to guide you. 

Your relationship matters most.

Let us help make it the best it can be

forget learning how to argue better, analyzing your childhood, making grand romantic gestures, or experimenting with new sexual positions. EFT’s message is simple. It focuses on creating and strengthening emotional bonds.
— Dr. Sue Johnson, Hold Me Tight