mindful couple workshop

Mindful Couples

A Mindful Couple is a Connected Couple

Perhaps you’ve had some bumps in the road,
and you’ve drifted apart over the years (or just the holidays!).

It happens to the best of us and the most of us!

Maybe you feel stronger than ever together. That’s amazing! 

Whatever place you and your partner are in, this workshop will undoubtedly strengthen your bond.


The Details

WHEN: February 16th, 2-530pm

WHERE: Mountain Soul Yoga. I love their big windows filled with mountain views!

WHY: Because you desire (and need) closeness + connection. And perhaps your relationship needs a little somethin’ somthin’ to spice it up.

WHO: Couples who are committed to each other + their relationship. 
Married, not married, engaged. Commitment is all we care about!

WHO this IS NOT for (IMPORTANT!): Couples in high distress, conflict, or on the brink. 

If this is the case, please consider scheduling with Jessica Heaney for personalized counseling or one of her intensive experiences. She specializes in helping couples come back from the literal brink of ending their relationships. If you still have even a small thread of hope, contact her today! 

 This workshop is also not for couples facing active addictions, any form of abuse, or newly facing affair recovery. See above and contact Jessica for specific guidance. 

Space is limited to just 10 couples!

You’ll Walk Away With:

  • Having a clearer + deeper understanding of one another.

  • Discovering your relationship’s core values.

  • Having tried something new and high-fiving each other for doing it together.

  • Likely trying/doing something that feels weird. Because it’s normal to feel weird when you try something new. Riding a bike felt weird once. But you got past that didn’t you? But don’t worry, nothing too weird. I promise.

  • Real, tangible, take home exercises to keep practicing together. 

  • Definitely with more love! And who isn’t up for that?! 

  • Some surprise goodies too!

 Photo by Petermeir/iStock / Getty Images

Additional Information

While this is a group workshop, exercises will be done as a couple. This is a workshop for your relationship and deepening connection between each other.

Your Workshop Guide

I’m Jessica Heaney, and I specialize in working with couples to help them heal + repair their relationships. I believe our relationships matter most, especially our relationship with our one Oh So Special person!

You can learn more about me here and my work with couples here.